The Spa & wellness center of the Grand Hotel Assisi offer a broad range of top quality treatments thanks to its professionally qualified and trained staff.

– Jacuzzi
– Face treatments
– Body treatments
– Massages

Massages, facial masks and special body treatments in the Lettino Nuvola, emotional showers, turkish bath and jacuzzi. Treat yourself to a truly sensual experience with our qualified staff by choosing from our broad range of massages and treatments that will restore both your body and your mind. For an even more relaxing stay at the Grand Hotel Assisi our guests have free access to our heated indoor swimming pool where there is also a relaxation area and a sauna.

Spa Entrance with Bathrobe and slippers: € 25,00
Sun Lamp: € 10,00



Used since antiquity as a method for alleviating pains and ward off tiredness through muscle stretching, massage today is used in a variety of disciplines, from physiotherapy to alternative medicine and beauty treatments. Different kinds of massage clearly have different uses, ranging from relaxing to muscular, sport massage, pain relieving, draining, anti-cellulite. A number of Asian techniques and treatments such as shiatsu, Thai massage or Ayiurvedic massage are today considered either massage techniqes in their own right or used in conjunction with more scientifically based massage forms.

Our Centro Benessere Grand Hotel Assisi offers the following massages:

With sweet almond oil and essential oils:
Upper back massage 25’ – € 37,00
Total body massage 40’ – € 57,00
Total body massage 50’ – € 70,00

With butters: carite and aloe vera or carite and almonds
Upper back massage 25’ – € 47,00
Total body massage 40’ – € 67,00
Total body massage 50’ – € 80,00


Cleansing Facial with Mask 50’ – € 45,00

Treatment cell renewal 50’ – € 80,00
For premature aging of the skin young , for skin that present discoloration, look asphyxiated, stressed or greyish. Alternative to the traditional method of cleaning face, living immediate lifting effect.
(AHA) alpha Idrossiacidi fruit, complex multi-vitamin C, E, Q10

Anti Aging Treatment 50’ – € 70,00
Counteracts skin aging also improves elasticity as prevention after the appearance of first wrinkles.
Hyaluronic acid, trace elements, vegetable collagen, extract of Melissa and Calendula.

Moisturizing Treatment 50’ – € 65,00
For young skin, sensitive or rosacea.
Hydration and nourishment of the stratum corneum. Aloe vera, vegetable collagen, Lily extract.

Treatment for sensitive skin 50’ – € 70,00
It soothes and decongest, contrasts capillary fragility gives comfort and Relief, nourishes and moisturizes.
Hyaluronic acid, Papaya extract, extract of Calendula and Argan oil.

Treatment for oili skin 50’ – € 70,00
Free face of impurities, rebalances the production of sebum, favors detoxination, oxyginates.
Dry extract of rice, clay, fruit acids, vegetable Collagen, extract of spruce.

Regenerating treatment with vitamin C 30’ – € 40,00
For each type of skin.
Lipoic acid antioxidant for tissue regeneration.

Moisturizing Facial Mask 30’ – € 32,00
Clay Facial Mask 30’ – € 32,00
Anti-Aging Facial age 30’ – € 32,00

Facial Massage 25’ – € 30,00
With sweet almond oil

Anti age Facial Massage 25’ – € 35,00
With Perilla oil or black Sesame oil


Exfoliating treatment based on salt 30’ – € 30,00
Exfoliating treatment based on salt 50’ – € 60,00
Removes impurites, dead skin cells and reactivates circulation Superficial.

Exfoliating treatment for sensitive skin 30’ – € 30,00
Exfoliating treatment for sensitive skin 50’ – € 60,00

Leg treatment 50’ – € 50,00
Reactivates peripheral circulation, drains and tones Bandage cold-based mint and eucalyptus.
The antioxidant and defatiguing properties to reduce capillary fragility and vegetable collagen.

BODY PACKS WITH “NUVOLA BED” 50’ – € 75,00 each
– Anti-oxidant/slimming pack with cocoa:
Cocoa beans are very rich in theobromine which provides a lipolytic effect and helps the reduction of localised adipose fat. A strong concentration of mineral salts gives cocoa re-mineralizing properties calming and anti-stress in nature while the potassium is diuretic.
Anti-cellulite diuretic pack with dried coffee extract:
Rich in chlorogenic acid, coffee triggers the adenylate cyclase enzyme that stimulates the metabolism of fats. It provides effective lipolytic action in addition to contouring and slimming results, also.
Hydrating/refreshing pack with sweet almond cream:
Due to the rich nutrient content of the cream, this pack envelops the skin in a delicate veil of emollient and restorative ingredients, ensuring long-lasting moisture, protection and elasticity.