Assisi Attractions


What better way to explore Assisi than enjoying the warm hospitality of the Grand Hotel Assisi. Of all the cities and towns in Umbria, Assisi ranks as the region’s best known destination worldwide. The city itself has developed on the western slope of Mount Subasio, and is famous for being the birthplace of both St Francis and St Claire.


  • Basilica of St Francis’ and Sacred Convent (upper and lower section)
  • Basilica of St Claire’s
  • Pinacoteca Comunale di Assisi
  • Tempio di Minerva
  • Amphitheatre and Rocca Maggiore fortress
  • L’Eremo delle Carceri on Mount Subasio
  • Church of San Damiano
  • Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli with the Porziuncola Chapel
  • Rivotorto sanctuary and Sacro Tugurio
  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Cathedral of San Rufino
  • Piazza del Comune with the Palazzo del Podestà and the Torre del Popolo
  • Palazzo della Biblioteca Comunale
  • Museo Civico and Roman forum
  • Museo Diocesano and Crypt of San Rufino
  • Museo della Porziuncola Santa Maria degli Angeli
  • Museo Etnografico degli Indios dell’Amazzonia
  • Museo del Tesoro della Basilica di S. Francesco and the Perkins Collection
  • Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea della Pro Civitate di Assisi
  • Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Padre Felice Riossetti
  • Museo dell’Abbazia di San Pietro di Assisi
  • Bosco di San Francesco – FAI

A warm welcome from us all!
Grand Hotel Assisi staff